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Lisa Marie Presley’s Sarcophagus Revealed Ahead of Graceland Memorial

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Lisa Marie Presley‘s final resting place will be an above-ground tomb — similar to what her late son was buried in … which can now be in seen in full view ahead of her memorial.

Photos surfaced Saturday from Graceland, where LMP’s stone sarcophagus was revealed lying right next to Benjamin Keough‘s. It appears to be in the same design and made with the same material. However, her actual tombstone name plate doesn’t seem quite complete.

As you can see, there’s a tarp over her side of the burial ground … obscuring where one might see on the left, Ben’s remembrance. In any case, the final preparations are underway.

Check out the rest of the property — a stage has been built, which we’d reported was in the works. Indeed, it sounds like there’ll be some performances from there … and certainly some public remarks too, we imagine. Construction crews have been at it since Tuesday.

Flower arrangements have been steadily assembled over the past several days as well, and now … there are full-blown makeshift memorials outside the gates of Graceland, including one beautiful one that reads LMP — made in red lettering with a white heart behind it.

In other words, the memorial/celebration of life tomorrow is just about ready. We’ve been told her family is expected to gather for a private funeral at some point this weekend … it’s unclear if that’s happening Saturday or on Sunday before the doors open for the public.

There’s word of lots of celebs that are expected to be in attendance, including Austin Butler … who won a Golden Globe for his role as Elvis just a few days before Lisa Marie passed.

An official cause of death is pending … Lisa was only 54.

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