Singer Chidinma Ekile has been linked with so many men involved in the music industry in the past but her “friendship” with producer/singer Tekno in the past few weeks has been her most pronounced relationship with a man on social media since her breakout following her Project Fame victory in 2011.

Following several photos on social media by Tekno and Chidinma. Let’s take a look at 5 photos the two have shared and our deductions from them.

1. They travel and share jokes together


2. They look like match made in heaven… A handsome man and a pretty woman (both lightskinned). What else?

Tekno x Chidinma 3
3. They look comfortable with one another. Aren’t you jealous?
Tekno x Chidinma

4. A couple that eats together, stays together!

Tekno x Chidinma 2

5. He adores her, doesn’t he?

Tekno Chidinma


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