List Of Actors Living With Chronic Diseases

It takes real courage for a celebrity to open up on their health conditions, not to talk of those suffering from chronic diseases that might never be cured. In light of this, we take a look at those who have been bold enough to reveal their health status.

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#1. Howza Mosese

Howza Mosese

Howza Mosese: The actor and musician have been living with diabetes since he was 21 years old. The actor is known for his role as a detective on Scandal and revealed that he was living unhealthy life which has contributed to his diseases and also stated he has been living with the diseases for 8 years now but still looks healthy and really strong.

#2. Masechaba Moshoeshoe

Masechaba Moshoeshoe

Masechaba Moshoeshoe: Is very had to believe the once chubby actress cum TV presenter now looks like this. Photos of her went viral after it surfaced on the internet as it left a lot of fans shell-shocked at the current state of the once stunning actress. The actress appears to have lost a lot of weight at a dramatic rate which led her to later reveal to the public that she was suffering from hypertension.

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#3. Sophie Lichaba

Sophie Lichaba

Sophie Lichaba:

The actress rose to prominence for her role in the popular TV series Generations. The actress revealed that she has been diagnosed with diabetes which has led to her sudden weight loss. At a point, the actress was reported to have passed on several times but she has recently returned to the screens doing what she loves best.

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