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Little Girl Gets Vision Of Jesus At T.B Joshua’s Church (Video)

A video showing a 12-year old girl narrating a vision she saw at Prophet T.B Joshua’s Synagogue, Church Of All Nations, SCOAN, has gone viral on social media.

Congregants at the service had come forward to collect water of anointing when a loud cry from the girl filled the atmosphere.

She said, “There is a Man there; He is tall! He is wearing a white garment”.

According to her, He said, “Repent; I am coming soon. Bring people to My church; bring more souls.”

While her eyes statedwere closed, the girl identified as Gift stated that she saw angels and 24 elders “bowing down and singing, ‘Holy, Holy is the Lamb’.”

Speaking about the lamb, she said “His face is shining” and “the light is too bright”.

The young girl who fell into a trance that made her roll on the floor later got up and was astonished that no one saw what she saw.

“On His head was a big crown and He was sitting on a throne,” she said as she spoke about the heavenly scene she saw.

Seeking understanding on why the revelation came to someone like her, she added, “People are going on the wrong track; we should bring them back to the Church”.

“There is no excuse for being surprised by the uncertainty of coming events,” Joshua stated on YouTube when posting the viral clip.

“The uncertainty of the hour of Christ’s return calls for vigilance and watchfulness. Let us not wait for another sign from Heaven to convince us of the paramount importance of making the most out of life today because only today is our own, tomorrow is not.”

The video showing the girl narrating her vision at T.B Joshua’s Church has since been watch about 400,000 times since it was published on YouTube.

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