Its funny how most of us do not realise that everyday living can be and always will be attributed to our relationships.

I have wanted to read Steve Harvey’s book,Act like a lady, think like a man’, especially after seeing the movie but i didn’t realise until today that the order with which the title was written had been intentional.

With my past experiences with relationships and my desperation to make it work, i have only ever focused on the Think like a man part.

This is the reality for every woman going through the relationship struggle.

Thing is,Act like a lady’ came first for the most obvious yet easily over looked reason, and this is the same reason our relationships keep failing.

It would have been so much easier if it had been, ‘Act like a woman, making our roles in a relationship random and undefined.

Fortunately, ‘Act like a lady’ is even better, because the only way to having our happily ever after has a lot to do with the kind of women we are.

Even i have experienced the pull being a bad girl brings, the rush, the adrenaline, knowing i can have a man’s attention whenever i wanted.

The problem was keeping the attention.

Of course, when we think about a lady, the first thing that comes to mind is the rich, independent, successful woman we all pray to be but thats always skin deep.

Being a lady has everything to do with your personal ethics, your drive, appearance, principles…the list is endless, everything that has nothing to do with looks or status.

So the one thing every woman needs to ask herself before entering a relationship is, am i a lady?

Only a woman who has the trappings of a lady, can pay attention enough to think like a man when the need arises.


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