Load of Balls! Kim Kardashian Paid £10,000 For Her Dog Rocky To Get Fake Testicles 


Reality TV star Kim Kardashian is no stranger to weird news, but this could be the strangest yet. Kim got fake testicles – costing up to £10,000 – for her pet dog, Rocky after insisting: “I don’t like big balls on dogs.” Kim, 37, bought Rocky when she was with ex-boyfriend Reggie Bush. She said after the dog’s arrival: “Rocky is like me, his mummy. He’s cool, calm and goes with the flow.”According to the New York Times, Kim had prosthetic Neuticles implanted in her boxer Rocky. Neuticles cost up to $130, though that doesn’t include the actual neutering or implantation procedures. Inventor Gregg Miller said: “Some have their dog turned into a eunuch because they don’t care. But there’s a certain segment of pet owners that do care and that’s where Neuticles come in.”Photo Credit: Getty


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