Lol.. This Lady is about to travel to Lagos to beat up her cousin and her ex.. and >’s why!


A Twitter user, @callmebosslady says she is about to travel down to Lagos to beat up her cousin and her ex-boyfriend…

She revealed that the ex-boyfriend has been playing her cousin like football even after dating for 8 years. Below is how she put it:

My cousin dated this guy for 8 years. She’ll be 30 in June. Since the last 2 years she has been gingering him for marriage. Each time intro is near, he will start a fight & end the relationship. 3 months later he’ll come back again and beg her die, she’ll take him back. Finally December, Last year, after he ended the relationship again, she cried for long and told God that she was ready to let him go. She has been fasting and praying for him to marry her for the last 2 years. This time she told God she was done with him and she let him go in her heart too. Less than a week later she started talking to another guy she had known for a while.

She had never given him a chance cos of her ex. All of a sudden they clicked. Like ., they did intro in February, her wedding date with this new guy was fixed for June. I called her to ask how wedding plans are going and she tells me it is paused because she’s confused. Her ex came this March with his ancestors and family to beg her to marry him. That he’s ready to do anything to win her back. That he doesn’t know what has been wrong with him these last 2 years. He’s been crying and hasn’t eaten for almost 2 weeks.

I’m going to Lagos to beat him up, when I finish I’ll beat sense into my cousin and take her to the alter with this new guy. I am sooo pissed!!!


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