What a drag it is getting old. So sang The Rolling Stones, but you don’t need to turn to mother’s little helper to get through the aging process. Here, our top 10 tricks to look 5 years younger —and fast.

  1. Clean up your diet. Though there are hundreds of different points of view on exactly what constitutes the perfect diet, one thing we can all agree on in your 40s is this: Highly processed food is not good. To keep your skin as taut and glowing as possible, load up on colorful whole foods (think blueberries, cantaloupe, broccoli, kale), good fats (avocado, almonds, fatty wild fish) and lean protein (preferably free range or grass fed).
  2. Moving your body for at least 30 minutes a day is good for your mind and your complexion. Cardio boosts circulation, which is why your face looks flushed and rosy for hours after exertion. Sitting in a steam room (which causes your heart to pump out way more blood than normal) also increases blood flow to your face.
  3. Beef up your brows. We all know our hair gets thinner as we age, but did you know your brows get thinner, too? Brows add symmetry to your facial features, so you don’t want those ‘pillars to look anaemic. A strong brow and a bit of shimmer under the brow bone can make you look a lot less like a Basset Hound.

4 . Shrink your under-eye bags. Use product that works best for transient under-eye luggage.

  1. Swap out your bun for a pony. If you can’t be bothered to blow out your hair (ask any hairdresser worth his Super Solano and he will tell you there is nothing more youthful than shiny hair with lots of movement) then scoop your hair up into a high pony. It visually pulls the cheekbones up, making the whole face look more lifted.
  1. Ditch the powder. Put the pressed powder down, even loose “translucent” powder should be approached with a caution. A touch of facial oil can make even the dullest skin reflect light—always a good thing.
  1. Lay off the mascara. I know: There was that time you didn’t wear it and everyone asked if you were tired/depressed/recovering from giardia. Spidery lashes don’t look good on anyone, and heavy mascara casts shadows that actually highlight dark circles. Some women even find they look younger by forgoing mascara altogether as they age. My advice: Use a light hand lashes.
  1. Meditate. Spending 20 minutes a day training your brain to be less reactive to stress is a great investment in your sanity—not to mention your ability to age gracefully. The more mindful you are about living in the moment and thinking about what really matters in life, the less likely you are to obsess over things you can’t change.



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