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Lucy In Trouble For Refusing To Be In Kiddwaya\’s Team

BBNaija: Lucy In Trouble For Refusing To Be In Kiddwaya\’s Team

Earlier in the House today, Lucy refused to be on Kiddwaya’s team for their daily task and this got the Housemates upset with her, the trio of Neo, Prince and Erica taking turn to slam her.
As usual and as read in the brief, the Housemates were to be divided into group (2 this time) for the Amatem Task and while Erica shared Housemates, Lucy was the only one left.\"\"TrickyTee suggested she joined Erica and Kiddwaya’s team, but the former boli seller won’t have it and her rejection sparked off an altercation. According to her, she doesn’t want the team as Kiddwaya has some time ago said he doesn’t want her in any of the teams he belongs.
While Neo tried to talk her into accepting the team, Lucy wouldn’t have it and kept insisting ‘Kidd said’.
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When he couldn’t succeed, Neo gave up shouting and Prince took it up. “You are my friend but I will tell you the truth. This attitude that you just portrayed now“, Prince began but Lucy wouldn’t have him talk. It became a thing of the duo and as it goes on and Erica weighed in, saying nobody wants her in their team because she has a bad and negative energy, after which Prince resumed shouting.
Neo and Luciana
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