Natures Gentle Touch Daily Oil Moisturizer
Natures Gentle Touch Daily Oil Moisturizer

Twists are synonymous with Natural Hair. However, Naturalistas like to rock the curly look they get from twist out.

Do you love the twist out look but are frustrated with the short lived results? It is totally possible to have a long lasting style results with proper maintenance using the Natures Gentle Touch Daily Oil Moisturizer.

Maintaining Twist Out With The Right Hair Product

Some tips for making a twist out last;

1. Leave your twists in for a while to lock in the definition

You can’t get instant curly awesomeness right away! You can’t wear twists overnight, remove them the next day, and expect the results to be as long lasting as if you had left them in for a week or weeks. Once you wear your twists longer, you get to wear your twist out for a longer period.

2. Wear smaller sized twists

Chunky twist do not last as long. When you wear small twists you get better definition. Not tiny, however, small twists gets you better definition.

3. Twist on freshly washed damp hair

Damp hair will give you the best definition. However when your hair is wet, it is in a weakened state plus for those with low porosity hair it may take eons to dry if you twist while your hair is saturated. Instead twist damp hair.

4. Use a product with a good hold

This would cut out frizz, give you great hold, cut out frizz and makes wet styling a snap.

5. Coat palms with Moisturizers when removing twists

When you over fluff this creates frizz which up being a total style destroyer. Rub a generous amount of the daily oil moisturizers on your palms and this would help you take out your twists easily without friction.

6. Maintenance

Be sure to avoid weighing your hair down with too much product. Use the Natures Gentle Touch Daily Oil Moisturizer to seal moisture and refresh your style. Lightly fluff with your fingers if needed.


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