fact that you are on my webpage means that you are interested in giving your
woman more pleasure in bed. This is a good thing and I would like to suggest
that you incorporate oral sex in your lovemaking sessions if you are really
concerned about making your woman achieve powerful orgasms. Even though the size of your manhood matters
a lot when it comes
to giving women vaginal orgasms, you can also give your woman powerful clitoral
orgasms by using your mouth. In this write up, I would share with you a few
tips that can help improve the way you give your woman oral sex. These tips
when applied would make your woman go crazy with pleasure that she would see
you as a stud in bed!

I am sure you would like your woman to be screaming your name in pleasure when you are down on her pussy. And I am sure you want to see her shaking with pleasure. I know that you would love to be the best lover that she has ever had. For you to make all these wishes come true then you need to pay attention to what I am about to tell you. The effort you need to put is not so tasking, but you have to do it in the right manner with a calm mind.

it is time to get into the techniques of oral sex proper, here are a few steps
that you should take when sucking your woman’s vagina:

1st Step – This is the most important step

You need to imbibe the mindset of the passionate, slow and great lover. You must not rush things, you have got to take your time when licking and sucking her pussy. So many guys are in a hurry to go nowhere when they are having sex. It seems so many guys have the belief that if they are as fast as possible, then that means they would be able to make their woman achieve climax – this is completely wrong! You have to be calm; this is the way great lovers are. Then you must not get too excited… take things slowly so that you be more in control. The slower you move, the more pleasure you would be able to provide for her!

2nd Step – Time To Use Your Mouth

At this stage, I am sure you would have already been as cool as a cucumber and very relaxed. If not then you need to reverse back to step one and remain there till you become relaxed (hey… it is not that hard, was James Bond ever in a hurry?). Begin to use your mouth. I am not talking about your tongue, I mean your mouth. You are going to be using your tongue for about 30% of the time, while you use your mouth for about 70%. You would not only be licking, but you would be sucking, kissing and blowing at her pussy. Your mouth is a better sex tool than your tongue; the amount of sexual pleasure that you can give a woman using your mouth is a lot more that what your tongue alone can provide. If you were the kind of guy that is only used to using tongue during oral sex, then you need to start using your entire mouth so that she can scream your name in ecstasy!

3rd Step – Now Is The Time To Penetrate The Vagina!

Now that you have finally made your woman aroused (you would be able to know if she is aroused), you can start using a vibrator or didlo to thrust in and out of her vagina (if you do not have a vibrator or didlo, then you can use your fingers or your erect penis, if you are having problems lasting long in bed, then please check out this article here) Some women might not like sex toys, so you might have to resort to your fingers or erect manhood. When you see that she is aroused, insert the didlo into her vagina to check if she enjoys it or not. If she is not down with it, then go to the default which is your penis. Try using the didlo or vibrator later on, if she still rejects, then you know that she does not like it at all.

As long as you are doing these tips properly, you would find out that she would begin regarding you as a sex stud. Do check my blog tomorrow for more tips on how to improve your sex life.


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