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Make Your Wife Feel Good . Hitting This Particular Spot Tonight



Guys, we need to talk about the cli**ris. Yeah, that’s right, that mysterious female organ that is so sadly misunderstood. Most of us, men and women, don’t even know that there’s more to the cli**ris than meets the eye.

While some s*xual partners are still asking if they’re “on it,”  beholders and partners alike may not be aware that the rosebud-shaped knob at the top of the v**ina is just the tip. At the recent Future of s*x live panel, talk about the “internal cli**ris” revealed some intriguing realities about the s*x organ.

First off, the cli**ris is a two-part organ; there is an external circular mass of glans (hello, rosebud), as well as internal winglike extensions. “The cli**ris continues on inside of the body, allowing for clitoral stimulation via the vaginal wall and other parts of the vulva,” explained cofounder of Dame Products Alex Fine.

Filled with more than 8,000 nerve endings, the cli**ris is made up of the same erectile tissue of the man-hood, filling up with blood and enlarging when aroused. The entire cli**ris, both the external as well as the internal parts, is 0.5 to 2 cm in length, and all of it responds to arousal—not just the outside.

So the next time you’re inside her, don’t just bang away like a jackhammer. Pace yourself with deep deliberate thrusts, which will stretch the walls of her v**ina and simultaneously flatten and arouse her internal clit.

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