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Makeup Tricks Every Lady Should Know



Being a lady comes with a lot of responsibilities when you talk about our outfits and makeup. Most times, we see some beautiful makeup techniques and wonder how they were arrived. Not to worry because we have listed some amazing makeup tricks you may want to learn today.

Spoon to Apply Your Mascara

Have you been in a situation where you finished your eye makeup and realized mascara was on your lids? If you are in a hurry, this situation can be depressing. This pesky issue can be banished with your spoon. Yeah! You hear us right. Use the end of your spoon just underneath the eye lashes and apply the mascara the way you do. The spoon will act as a defense against getting your face ruined.

Don’t Apply Concealer on the Eyelids

Many of us make this mistake.  Never apply foundation or concealer to the eyelids as your base.  Under the eyes, the concealer can do a great job in masking your under eye bags and dark circles. However, applying it to the eyelids can end up running your eye makeup.

.Use Spoon or Tape for Your Cat Eye Appearance

It can be tricky to create a perfect cat eye appearance with your eyeliner.  Getting the ideal shape and flick can be hard and requires each side to synch or match.  With a tape or spoon, you can create the ideal feline flick.


Shape the Eyebrows

You can testify that shaping the eyebrows is either simple or difficult. If you are standing with the latter, we have made it easier for you. Brush the eyebrows with the support of a spoolie. It makes the hair relax naturally. The next step is to make use of a waxy and soft brow pencil while shaping the outside of the brow. This is done with the thinner part of the tip. Make use of the flatter angle of a pencil and fill the brows when  using a hair like stroke that is short. Then blend your highlighter below the brow bone to get a lift.


Heating Up Your Eyelash Curler

To handle the curled lashes that last for a short time, heat up the eyelash curler and make use of it. The heat on your curl will make it last longer. Make use of a blow dryer to heat the eyelash curler with hot air. When it is heated, it should get cool before you use it on the lids. .

Luminous Skin with Foundation

Who doesn’t want to appear radiant and youthful? Even if your skin is not radiant you can fke it with this tip.  Get a small amount of pearly white or golden eye shadow and mix it with your foundation. After mixing, apply and notice the awesomeness of this trick.

What do you think of these simple tricks? Do you have more tricks you want us to know? Comment on the box and we will see it.

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