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Makeup Tutorial: How to Cover Dark Spots, Acne Scars & Faux Mustache With Less Makeup!



No one likes dark spots or blemishes on their faces. But, ladies if you’ve got it, it shouldn’t stop from from getting that perfect face you like. Those dark spots that remain on skin are caused by inflammation during the skin’s healing process. Like when your skin is opened up when you pop a pimple, and then closes back together, you can get abnormal pigmentation, texture, and tone that looks different from the rest of your skin.

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Sometimes broken blood vessels that remain after an acne lesion fades can result in a mark that appears more red or brown. The best way to avoid it is to treat acne with a great skin care routine which means resisting picking, poking, or touching a pimple.

Acne scars occur when normal tissue in the skin is destroyed and replaced with a fibrous tissue. When the damage caused by acne is severe, the body can respond by creating too much tissue or too little tissue. The production of too much tissue forms a keloid, too little tissue leads to that depression in the skin, or atrophic scar. The deeper and more inflamed the acne lesion, or the more that it is picked or squeezed, the more likely it is to scar.

A breakout is annoying enough, but the dark acne marks and scars it leaves behind are just worse. While there isn’t a magic wand that can take them off overnight, ladies you can cover them up! With make up of course!!

Watch Make up artiste, Jackie Aina as she shows us how to cover up those blemishes and faux mustache with not just make up, but less make up!!!

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