Male Friends Who Never Try To Sleep With You Is A Blessing

Yvonne Jegede (source: Instagram)

Actress Yvonne Jegede has said that it is a blessing for a woman to have male friends who never try to sleep with them.

Sharing on Instastory, the actress who is separated from her husband said that women need such a relationship.

She also hailed men who look out for women without having an ulterior motive.

“Making male friends who are genuinely your friends and never flirt or trying to f*ck you is a blessing. We as women be needing that platonic love. Black men who look out for us with no agenda but to see us win are the best,” she shared.

Back in May, Yvonne Jegede reacted to rumours that she was having a s*xual relationship with singer Orezi.

The actress said that she and Orezi have been friends even before she got married and that s*xual thoughts never crossed her mind.

She made this known in an Instagram live chat after a fan asked her to address the issue.