A Male stripper simulated performing a se x act on a young girl in front of pupils as young as 13 at a prank show organised by sixth-formers at the school Princess Kate Middleton attended when she was younger.

Sixth-formers sneaked in the tattooed stripper, who was dressed as a sailor, he then peeled off his clothes and gyrated with the girl straddling his lap in the central courtyard of £30,000-a-year Marlborough College, a ‘posh’ school where the elite and well-to-do school their children..

The stripper even grabbed his crotch and at one point the stripper threw his thong in a girl’s face.

A . said:
“Marlborough is one of the most expensive schools in the country. Parents do not expect their children to be watching a se x show.”
“A group of girls met the stri pper at the school entrance and sneaked him into the court area — the central hub of the school.They formed a circle around him and he str ipped down to his G-string and was dancing and grinding with some of the girls.”

The stunt was part of Muck-Up Day, a school tradition in which pupils . pranks on their last day before exams.

Bristol-based stripper named Ross said:
“I didn’t know I would be performing at a school until I got there. I was told it was going to be for a girl’s birthday. At the end of the day it was just a prank, and I didn’t take all my clothes off.”

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