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Man narrates how Nigerians connive with foreigners to enslave other Nigerians


A Twitter user has narrated how Nigerians connive with foreigners to enslave other Nigerians and also beat the Nigerian system. 


Some of the things the Twitter user listed include underpaying Nigerian staff, workers getting beaten and sustaining physical and mechanical injuries, and foreigners bribing immigration officials when their papers expire. 


@khanofkhans tweeted; 


Foreigners come to Nigeria to establish companies with intentions to pay good starting salary not less than 100k. They employ Nigerian managers. Nigerian managers convince them to reduce the salary to 30k telling them Nigerians are hardworking and they will cope.

Foreigners abide by that knowing it’s to their own advantage and begin with a starting salary. Nigerian workers complain about the salary. Nigerian managers tell foreigners to ignore the wailing of their fellow Nigerians that anybody who doesn’t want to work can go and they’ll find a new person.

Foreigners capitalize on that and grow strong wings to exploit Nigerians. Their papers are expired. Immigration comes for them. Nigerian managers tell them to calm down that they just need to bribe their way through. They pay, and the immigration officers accept.

Exploitation continues. Workers get beaten and injured with physical and mechanical abuses. Foreigner tries to help, Nigerian managers corner the money for treatment and give workers money for paracetamol. Foreigners employ security men ( Nigerian police) and turn them to errand boys. 

They do all sort of servitude to their foreign employers because of inferiority complex. They don’t mind killing their fellow Nigerian if the foreigner demands. Foreigners sexually abuse female workers. Nigerian managers give them the go ahead and sack workers

Who don’t comply. Harassment and molestation at work. Foreigners capitalize on the chances and become oppressors to Nigerians. And I wonder why we blame foreigners for slavery when our brothers are the mastermind.


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