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Man Visited His Girlfriend For The First Time And Finds Out That She Has A Filthy House (READ FULL GIST)



A man who started dating about a week decided to visit her girlfriend for the very first time and he never liked what he went to see.

Bobby Rohall took to Reddit to recount the kind of environment his girlfriend was living in. According to him, his girlfriend’s house was very filthy. He didn’t mince words about what he saw, he disclosed that the house was not in good shape because of laziness on the part of his girlfriend.


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He took to social media to seek advice on how to handle the issue and even talk her out about what he saw after visiting her. Read below;

“I started dating her roughly a week ago. We hit it off wonderfully. Before we met up, we check off all our deal breaker we have a great connection, lost of things in common. She invited me over to her house tonight and the house was filthy. I’m not talking about messy and cluster, I’m talking about laziness.

Hasn’t ran the sweeper in what looked to be about a year. Her cats litters over flowing and spilling on the floor. With cat tuds, the entire house smells like urine and cigarettes. I am in no way a person that has to have everything in a place. I am messy and I have clutter but this is so gross. There is no way I could tell her this, I don’t think I’ve ever had the courage to say this.


Is this connection worth me looking past it or even attempting to muster the words? She is in the process of moving but I feel like the next house will look the same. To top it off, I told her prior to coming over that I will hold some of her things for her because she didn’t have space for two weeks until she moves. Now I have some of her items in my car. Any help is appreciated this is hundred percent real I’m in shock.”

It becomes unjustified when you conclude about people immediately, instead take sometime to know them closely and you may find many interesting things that may either draw you close or warn you to retrace your steps.


What would you do if you had visited your girlfriend in a very unhealthy environment due to her own laziness?



. Man Visited His Girlfriend For The First Time And Finds Out That She Has A Filthy House (READ FULL GIST) Follow GhGossip.


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