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Man Who Poses As A Student To Defraud People On Twitter Apologizes After He Was Exposed.



Some weeks ago, one twitter user with the handle, @samuel_face2 took to the platform to beg Nigerians to help him raise money to pay for his school fees.

And of course, Nigerians, out of sympathy, reached out to him, asked for his account number and then sent him some money.

But >’s the twisting gig, after he receives the money, he would block his donors and refuse to correspond with them further – He would still slide into peoples DM to ask them for money and then blocks whosoever turns him down as well as those who obliged him . sending some money.

But >’s how he was busted – he came online recently with a different handle to still ask for donations for his school fees but this time around, he was caught . twitter user @duchesskk who had had an encounter with him.

@duchesskk called him out and shared some proof that he indeed is a fraudster. First bank which he was using to collect the money has flagged the account as they are investigating it. They have also refunded the money to his donors.

The alleged thief has come out to apologize for defrauding Nigerians.

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