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Many husbands have abused the word “submission” and used it as a control measure


Many husbands have abused the word

Billionaire businesswoman, Apostle Folorunsho Alakija, has said that many husbands have abused the word ‘submission’ in Ephesians 5:22 and used it to control their wives.


According to Mrs Alakija, these men have chosen to ignore verse 21 and 25 which command couples to “submit to one another” and husbands “to love their wives just as Christ loved the Church”


“We find that husbands don’t want to concern themselves with verse 21 which says submit to one another but they chose to camp with wife submit to your husbands. But they didn’t go further down to go and read verses 25 and 26 which tell husbands more about what they are supposed to do,” she said. 


“You find that Verse 21 was shorter but many have chosen to ignore it. There have been many arguments for and against, many controversies about this word submission. Many have twisted it to suit what they desire. Many husbands have used it as a control measure. That’s not what it is meant for. In fact, it is for unity and not for control,” 


Writing further on her Facebook wall, she said: “Submission in marriages has always been a controversial topic, but what does it really mean?


“As a Christian wife, it is your God-given duty to submit to and obey your husband as both of you submit to one another and Christ.


“While there are many references in the Bible about how a woman should behave in marriage, there are also scriptures that guide men on how they ought to treat their wives.


“Often overlooked, however, is that men are equally obliged to love, nourish and cherish their wives.


“Christian husbands should not abuse their authority. Let the word of God in Ephesians 5:21-25 guide you in leading a peaceful marriage.”


Many husbands have abused the word Many husbands have abused the word


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