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“Many married women crying now also dated married men, the side chics are their own karma” – Blessing Okoro



Popular  relationship expert, Blessing Okoro has said that side chics are the karma of most married women.


According to the break or make up founder, most women whose husbands have side chics have also date married men at a point in their lives.

She noted that the side chics are the reward of the lives they lived before they got married and turned a new leaf.


She wrote;

“Many married women who are crying now also dated married men, slept around and mess up. Once they marry they turn motivational speaker and preacher… The side chicks are their own karma. I said what I said how many singly guys can actually give u good jobs, connection, life style if not yahoo boys.

How many women can actually give themselves good life style, very few… So you all should stop ranting. even the married men will be laughing at you all hypocrite. Before we can talk about morals let’s first face reality. You cant preach change if we have not accepted that we are all guilty. Acceptance before repentance. Rest Abeg.”


See what she wrote below ;

UNBELIEVABLE Married woman caught with another man by in-laws
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