Marlon Craft Releases “At The Door”

It’s been nearly a year and a half since Marlon Craft dropped off his album, Funhouse Mirror but he remained incredibly active throughout 2020. He maintained the momentum through the pandemic with a few singles, and guest features as he put in work on his follow-up project. 

With his new album scheduled to drop the weeks ahead, the rapper returned with a new single titled, “At The Door” earlier today. Arbus Beats cooks up a jazzy, laid back beat as Craft bobs and weaves through the melancholic production with sharp flows and wordplay. Craft reflects on the ups and downs as he and his team maintained resilience through their journey.

Marlon Craft’s new project, How We Intended is set to drop in February. Check the new single below.

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Quotable Lyrics
And I appreciate the kudos
Shit ain’t all sweet, gotta appreciate the glucose
It’s hard to stick together with your team, we keep the glue close
We been feelin’ down in my town, you can hear us play the bluenote

Source: HNH


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