Marriage Does Not Define You, Albert Einstein And Jeff Bezos Were Divorced

Daddy Freeze
Controversial On-Air Personality, Daddy Freeze has advised people not to feel lower than themselves if their marriage fail to work out.

Daddy Freeze

Using influential individuals, including Albert Einstein and Jeff Bezos, whose marriage failed and are divorcee, he explained that this ruin of a marriage should not stop anyone from fulfilling their purpose in life.

He explained that in 2014, his uncle had warned him that getting a divorce from his then wife would end him, but he had risen above that.

Daddy Freeze wrote, “Judging a person because of a failed marriage, inability to get a spouse or child is wrong. Christ never condemned the Samaritan woman at the well who had 5 previous husbands and was living with a man she wasn’t married to in John 4. If you think I am wrong prove it scripturally.

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“An uncle called me up in 2014 and told me that my career would end if I got divorced… My career did not end with the divorce. Instead, my purpose was revealed and leadership was thrust upon me. Don’t let marriage define you; if you do and the marriage ends, YOU END!!!

“Christ wasn’t married, neither were Paul, Elijah or John the Baptist. Yet they fulfilled their purpose. Fulfill your purpose!

“Marriage doesn’t define you, your purpose does! Albert Einstein was divorced, Jeff Bezos the richest man on earth is divorced as well. Did that stop them from fulfilling their purpose?”

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