A married man who has been identified simply as Greg, is in the eye of the storm for sleeping with his best friend’s daughter and leaking the video because her father boasted that the 20-year-old girl is a virg in and does not know a man.According to inside sources, Greg and the young lady’s father have been childhood friends and their children refer to them as uncle. But unknown to the man, Greg has been having se x with his daughter.

It was gathered that the father of the girl has been inundating his friends how his daughters are very innocent and God fearing, boeasting that the 20-year-old who is an undergraduate would get married as a virg in. This must have angered his friend who has been sleeping with the girl that he wanted to show the father that the girl is not so innocent and decided to record one of their se x scene in a hotel room and afterwards, he sent the video to the father and also posted it on social media.



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