Marrying Someone You Haven\’t Seen Angry Is Too Big A Risk To Take – Reno Omokri Marrying Someone You Haven\’t Seen Angry Is Too Big A Risk To Take

Political activist Reno Omokri is back again with his wisdom nugget on relationship and marriage. The activist today shared on Twitter that marrying someone you haven’t seen angry is too big a risk to take.


Reno shared that before people decide to walk down the aisle with their partner they should make sure they see them when they are angry and see how they react. He shared that anger removes the veil people wear in public. The activist mentioned that people could go the extra mile of provoking their partner to see their reaction when they get angry.
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A few days ago Reno dished out a piece of priceless advice to men who leave their wives for their side chicks thinking they are more beautiful than their wives. The social media commentator said it is foolish to marry a woman you have never seen without makeup and it’s also one of the reasons why divorce is on the rise.
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