Pregnancy is one of the beautiful phases in a woman’s life, the body undergoes physical changes during this period which will request very soft and comfortable outfit. The best outfit for a pregnant woman is one that will allow the abdominal area to expand as it is very important for both the mother and child. Often time, most pregnant women cared less about their appearances and only dwell on their old clothings and never thought it wise to buy maternity clothes mainly because they are out of shape during pregnancy. The story has changed now as many women work, socialize and even travel on a business meeting, and they must look comfortable and attractive in their maternity style. We bring you some maternity styles that will make you want to look stylish while growing a bump, scroll down to see;

Coordinate your maternity style with this staple, white and blue stripe two piece suit styled with a blue pump.


Go for loose and floaty styles, wearing a blouse and skirt while growing a bump, the blouse must be floaty and the skirt loosed.


That you are growing a bump, doesnt mean you should wear dull colors. Opt for a black jacket with black inner, pair with a white trouser and white heel to lighten your look.


Style your bump to the office with this lycra dress, compliment the look with a stilleto heel and a chain bag.


You can try a comfortable black top on a loose fitted trouser with a sandal heel and a nice handbag.
7-Titilola-from-NigeriaLooking corporate to the office while growing a bump with a black jacket with white inner, paired with a fitted jean and a shoe pump.

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An off-the-shoulder top with a lovely pencil skirt, a wedge slippers and a purse will be perfect for maternity style.


What do you think of this styles?


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