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May, Yul Edochie’s Wife Condemns Polygamy, Says It’s Against Her Principle


Yul Edochie
May and Yul Edochie

May Edochie has for the first time openly condemned polygamy.

The businesswoman and mother of four is married to renowned thespian, Yul Edochie. In April 2022, her husband introduced his colleague, Judy Austin-Moghalu as his second wife after confirming that he has a child with her.

In a piece she shared on her Instagram page on Saturday afternoon, May said she had a stable and loving home prior to the unprecedented events regarding her marriage.

She stated that polygamy is a life choice and that no one should be compelled to accept it.

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The mum of four stressed that some religions| and traditions allow polygamy and that she has nothing against it but that as a person she will not be numbered or cajoled to accept a practice that does not align with her faith and family values.

May Edochie also revealed that the house she’s living in was jointly built by her and Yul.

Read her piece below

The ability to accept or tolerate challenges and problems in life is a virtue, and should not be misconstrued.

There is no point making an already bad situation worse, hence the need to remain calm is crucial.

I understand that we all have our weaknesses and limitations as humans, and I personally believe everyone deserves an opportunity to make things right when they stray…

Forgiveness is divine.

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She continued;

Beyond all the unnecessary facades, Polygamy is a life choice and no one should be compelled to accept it.

It is something I think all parties involved should embrace willingly, and it’s okay for anyone who chooses it. Some religions traditions allow polygamy and I have nothing against it.

However, I am ABSOLUTELY certain that I will not be NUMBERED as a wife or be cajoled to accept a practice that does not align with my faith and family values.

About her mansion, May had this to say;

God blessed me with a happy, peaceful, and lovely family in a beautiful and JOINTLY built “mansion” that started from little or nothing…humble beginnings.

She went further to write;

What more could I have been asking for?

I had a stable and loving home prior to the unprecedented events regarding my marriage.

Life is made up of an infinite amount of choices.

Most decisions might be tough to make, but whenever we confront our options with courage and confidence, we should equally be open to the paths of our own design.

I believe that we are solely responsible for our choices, and we have to accept the consequences of every deed, word, and thought that comes with it in our lifetime.”

The concluding part of her statement reads;

We should understand that taking life changing decisions hastily is not the best.

God in His infinite mercy fixes things in His own time, He will definitely answer all our prayers.

Thank you all for your continuous prayers, love and support. May God bless you abundantly.”

May Edochie wrote;


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