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Measurement Tapes Are It-factors In Fashion Choices. A Vibe Or Hell No?



Apparently, they come off as unique and creative style choices; we mean measurement tapes!

Yellow measurement tapes are the most popular colour tapes and overtime, it has evolved into/inspired different accessories. A prime example is the famous Off-White yellow industrial buckle belt – It did blow up the market both home and abroad.

Lately, it seems the yellow measurement tape is gradually taking its rightful place by acting as actual fashion accessories. Back in April at the Arise Fashion Week, Models did walk down the runway in designs from Style Temple. In those designs, actual yellow tapes did make good additions – The crowd couldn’t help but buzz about it all night long!



That aside, yellow measurement tapes are now good additions as designs to shoes and are also popular as fabric patterns. They come in different fun and creative ways. Accessories with inspirations off the unusual . of fashion inspiration have become a huge part of must haves this season.


The Off-White industrial belt are so popular they may be written off in the fashion books of some people who love not-so popular fashion. Luckily, there are multiple ways to tap into the vibrant and classic trend.

With all the fashion tips in the open, are you a fan of the trend? If yes, how would you be willing to rock the trend?

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