It is amazing to see a six-year-old do what most adults struggle to pull off. Bella Rose is the professional makeup artiste the world is talking about.

The young beautician is from Sydney, Australia and got famous at the age of six after her elder sister’s friend, a professional makeup artist Emily Louise, shared videos of Bella showing off her makeup skills on Instagram and Youtube.

The adorable kid seems to know the names of the makeup products and applies them like a pro. She has fast become a makeup sensation that most beauty brands have come to recognise.

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Little Bella Rose is creating so much buzz on the internet, with millions of followers on her various platforms.  Teens and young adults emulate her style and follow her hugely.

Although there’s a debate about her exposure to makeup, she is absolutely great at it. Some people say Miss Rose is more gifted than some adults when it comes to wearing makeup. Others are disturbed that Bella is too young to be doing makeup and are attacking the makeup artiste who put her up to the task.

“She is way too immature for makeup. Yes, she is good at it, but she doesn’t need it,” a lady wrote after watching her video.

“You guys over here bashing her are only ridiculous. Why is personification with makeup so terrible? If she wants to . with makeup and have fun what’s wrong with that?” another lady wrote.

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In my view, makeup is art, and if a child can be allowed to paint on a paper, she can as well use her face as a canvas for her creativity.

In the video below, the little damsel is filmed doing a full-face makeup that includes highlighting and wearing strip lashes.

Watch Bella Rose Making Herself Up

What do you think of Bella Rose’s handiwork?

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