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Meet The 29 Year Old Lady That Has Never Loved any man yet she loves Dogs


My name is Betty . I am an African by birth but I reside in Malaysia. Only last year, I returned to this country on completion of my studies. For a lot of reasons, I may want to hide some other details for fear of been humiliated by my folks. All I desire are kind and encouraging words to get out of this thing I have come to realize is a huge mess.

I have been living in shambles and mystery and decided to speak out before I get consumed. I am 29 years old and I have never had s’εx with any man, except my dogs.

Growing up, we had dogs as guards or say pets. As an only child, I got what I wanted. On this fateful day, specifically January 12th, I asked my father for one of the dogs to live in my room. He granted my wish as a birthday present to me. This was where my ordeal started.

I would bath with the dog, eat with it and all. On this particular day, I played with the dog and I got tickled and turned on. In the process, one thing led to another and I had an ‘insertion’ with the dog.

For 15 years, I have slεpt with over 10 dogs. I have lived my life slεεping with any cute dog I came across. All I needed to do is either buy it or cajole it to a corner and have s’εx. I am a full grown adult and I still can’t kill the urge. Whatever you can imagine doing with a man in bεd as a lady, I do with my dogs.

As much as I love dogs, I detest men. I get every satisfaction from my dogs. The more effort I put in trying to stop slεεping with dogs, the more urge I have to have s’εx with them.
I’m the only one who knows this and the burden is too heavy for me. It’s far more than I can swallow.

Am I alright? Is it out of the ordinary? How can I talk to my parents about this?

Can this confession even help me when I keep battling with myself over this matter? What do I do please? I need help!

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