Men Dread Women, Waist Beads As Jaruma Releases New Video

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The whole of Twitter is buzzing with the name Jaruma in almost every tweet for the past hours and men are calling out to men to run for their dear lives.
The sex therapist in the video was seen extracting some slimy substance from the privates of a woman, explaining what Kayanmata is and how long she has been in the business.
No sooner had the video hit social media than influencers begin to warn women to hold their men firmly as other women go extra length to do ensure they snatch their men.
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On the other hand, a lot others have called on men to be careful of the ladies they keep so they will not fall into the wrong hands where they will spend their last card. The conversation went further to women who wear waist beads.
Jaruma working on her client
Photos Credit: Twitter

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