Men love to see women na ked and it’s been a known fact that most men – young or old – love talking about female body parts and se x with each other but do they support women who go out in public wearing no under wears?

In a survey we carried out on our social media platforms earlier this week, most men didn’t really care to know WHY or HOW women – especially female celebrities – land on the red carpet in dramatically cut-out dresses without any pants or bras.

However, there’s a mixed feeling about if they love or hate the idea. Most of the men agreed that single ladies could go out naked to catch a guy’s eye or just because there’s no man cautioning them about their looks before leaving the house. To others, it’s completely disrespectful for married women to step out without underwears all in the name of fashion. To another set, no woman is even allowed to go na ked in public, period!

Another group of men felt going out without underwear is completely the woman’s choice. If she feels comfortable in her cut-out dress, then its totally fine. “I don’t have a problem with that at all,” wrote Brian from U.K. “If she has a great body, right things in the righ places, then to me, that’s se xy. I don’t love women who expose their pusi in public because the dress isn’t right for their body.” Kayode, from Lagos added, “If she looks beautiful, with or without underwear, I’m good.”

When asked if men can go out shirtless or without dross in public, most men said they didn’t think it was such a big deal. “We don’t have big bo obs,” one commented. Another said, “women want to see the abs.” But others felt its “fashion suicide” to let your pe nis dangle in public due to lack on a pant or boxers underneath your lose trousers.

It’s usually a man’s world but just how much can a man take from women in that same world?



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