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Men Reveal Their Best Sex Oral Tips



Whether you’re a novice or an expert when it comes to giving oral s*x, there has definitely been a time when you’ve thought, “am I doing this right?”

Luckily, the men of Reddit have come to your aid and have revealed a number of oral s*x tips.

A Reddit user asked the online community, “Men of Reddit: is deep throating worth it? What are your tips?”

The user was met with hundreds of replies, > are seven of the best:

1. Be enthusiastic

“Enthusiasm is the number one trick. It is crazy how often women don’t get that. Just sucking my man-hood and looking bored doesn’t do shit for most guys (some really love it that way though).”

2. Don’t constantly deep throat

“Don’t deep throat the whole time, just do it every once in a while. Put it in your toolbox with like six other techniques.”

. Don’t try too many techniques at once

“Honestly, I don’t like when a girl has all these different techniques. It’s like turning on the rotation setting of a fan on a hot Summer day.”

4. Focus on those balls

“Sometimes, its nice to give the balls a bit of a massage. There are two ways >. One, use your thumbs to rotate in a circular motion around the balls. Again, make sure they are wet. Two, using the palms of your hands, gently cup the balls and push in an upwards motion. GENTLY.”

5. Incorporate the hands

“Every good BJ should have a hand job worked into it as well.”

6. Add a bit of deep throat when you swallow

“A girl I used to f**k had this end game that I’ll always remember. When I got close to cumming, she would deep throat me and start swallowing at the same time, milking the c*m out of my man-hood with her throat muscles. I’ve never felt anything like it since. Simply amazing.”

7. Use tongue

“You can use your tongue and flick the head a bit.”

.: Dailystar

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