So you have had a pen is all you life and you think you know it all? Or you are a woman and you are just a d ick enthusiast. Here are some facts you probably did not know.

1. There are growers and there are showers

While some men might look quite hung in their Calvin Klein’s tightie-whities and some might look..well…not so endowed; research shows that the true size of an erect penis cannot be told from the sleeping penis. In fact the bigger a pen is looks when asleep, the less percentage increase it will have when standing. So ladies, don’t judge a book by its cover.  

2. It shrinks if unused

If you are a guy and you aren’t getting some, it is advisable to whip out that Vaseline and your trusted right hand because science has certified that if you do not use it, you will lose it. The smooth muscles in your pen is require oxygen from blood that rushes to the pen is during er ection to avoid shrinkage. Now you know.  

3. All peni ses start off as clits

This only makes sense as human development starts of first as female, which explains why men have ni pples even though it has no functional use what so ever. The pen is starts its life as a c lit and then later grows out and becomes a pen is.

4. The pen is can break even though it has no bones

Pen is trauma is a real thing even though humans are the only primates with no bones in our pen is. It mostly happens doing se x so please be careful with the co wgirl position as it is most likely to happen in that motion.

5. The pen is can stand in the womb and the tomb

Last but not least, yes, the pen is truly has a mind of its own. You can have an e rection in the womb and in your tomb. Without even thinking of it blood can flow down your lifeless body and into the arteries and other vessels responsible for e recting the pen is. Hopefully it wouldn’t betray you at your open casket funeral.



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