1. Your Past life: Love isn’t stupidity. She loves so seeks to hear of your exes and past relationships. If she doesn’t ask or bother to, hmm…

2. Your Dreams and Goals: She will ask you severally for your dreams and goals: short term or long term before she begins to ask for other infinitesimal things. Your goal in life means more to her. Yes.

3. Your Role In Her Life And Career: Speaking of her asking you for your dreams and passions, she actually wants to know your role in her life. She wants to be sure you will be there for her as she will do vice versa.

4. Your Mental State: If she loves him, she would not turn a blind eye to his mental capacity. She will try to influence him for good. Love seeks change.


5. Your Financial worth and Target: Yes, this is crucial too. You both love each other and so it’s her obligation to ask how much you take home monthly. That would help her plan and make her choices, wisely. Money is vital too.

6. Your Family: This is very pivotal. She would want to see your family: siblings or even parents. If she has no interest in seeing them but just you alone, don’t feel special, it’s not a good sign.

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