1. Don’t be socially awkward:
Her generation is different from yours and there were a few social activities you abandoned as you grew older which she’s obviously doing now. Your relationship should be a mix of both decades, meet her in the middle.

2. Come clean about your past relationships:
If you desire honesty, there are some things you need to tell the truth about. You’ve lived longer than she has, it’s normal to have some bad experiences in the past. Hiding your past relationship from your young partner would affect the current one when things start getting serious.
A happy couple

3. Mutual respect is important:
Make her feel like you’re both equals. You are older, wiser and may want to take charge but don’t disrespect her while doing that. Try not to treat her like she’s dumb, it could backfire. Avoid jumping into conclusions, be patient instead of judgmental.

4. Slow down on the marriage talk:
If you decide to take your relationship to the next level which involves marriage. It’s advisable to let her decide if she wants to go through with it first. Try not to put her under any form of pressure, she may want to see what life holds for her before getting married.
A happy couple

5. Give her space:
You both are two worlds apart, and your relationship will crumble if you make it obvious. Let her live but be her adviser when she needs one. Don’t treat her like a child who needs direction.

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