More and more women are getting comfortable with the idea of having casual S£X. Having said that, I am concerned with the way men get rid of girls from their apartments at 2am after casual S£X.

Unless you are hooking up with your next-door neighbour, are you in your right mind when you ask your guest to leave right after s’εx at some ungodly hour of the night?

After the sun sets, it goes without saying that you resign yourself to the possibility of entertaining all night. It is only the polite thing to do. It is incredibly rude to get rid of a girl after s’εx. If you think having her spend the night is a burden, you should not be getting laid at all!

Even if she is just a s’εx buddy, you should never make a woman feel like you are using her for s’εx. She is still a human being who wants to be treated with respect.

It is not okay to throw a girl out late at night after hooking up, especially if you are going to justify it with some lame excuse such as “spending the night will move things to a level beyond casual s’εx to feelings.” That is a just a load of B***SH*T.

Women are not stupid. If you were honest about your intentions in the first place and she agreed, she comes into it fully aware that it is just casual and will not lead to anything further. Let her sleep over.

You are only seeing her at night and not spending any money, so it is all well and worth it at the end of the day. Do not use perceived clinginess as an excuse to be a moron. You can be a gentleman without worrying that she will . into it.


Ladies, if a guy you just hooked up with asks you to leave and you are tired or just not feeling comfortable leaving, then simply don’t leave. To hell with him if he feels inconvenienced. If he wants to behave like a jerk, show him that two can . that game. He is getting something out of it, so the least he can do is have the decency to accommodate you for the night.

If you do not want an overnight guest, then make the B00TY call before sundown. You should never lose respect for a woman even if you are having casual s’εx with her. Letting her stay the night is the right thing to do.

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