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MI Abaga: Why people think HipHop is dead

Nigerian rapper Jude Abaga aka M.I has weighed in on why people think Hip Hop is dead.

He disagreed with the notion that the rap genre is no more or dead despite the increased rate of rappers turning to singers.

‘The Guy,’ as M.I is now called, noted that while rap is a genre on its own, it has other types of rap within.

He said, “I think that what’s happening is that the spine that was driving music was Hip Hop for such a long time and there’s a moment where it’s starting to be an amalgamation of different sounds, and while we were in that period a lot of people are feeling the pressure on Hip Hop.”

He continued saying, “How do we say dead when the likes of Show dem Camp, Falz the Bahd Guy, Ladipoe, are doing amazing. When you look at the chats, who is touring, the big artists, people that are getting endorsements and you realize that Hip Hop is alive.

“I don’t think it’s ever been the mainstream music in Nigeria but at some point, the fire was brighter, in the early Cho Boi era.”

MI recently released a 12-track album ‘The Guy’ which features Nas, Olamide, Ice Prince, Jesse Jagz among others.

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