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Michelle Obama Shares The Heartwarming Story Of How Barack Proposed To HerZUMI

Michelle Obama is loved for many things such as her activism, grace and her marriage to Barack Obama, the former president of USA.

Following her tenure as the first lady of America, Michelle Obama wrote her autobiography, Becoming, a book detailing her experience in the White House and as a black woman in America. As part of her book tour, she appeared on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert,  sharing candid details from her life that most people don’t know about.

Married for 26 years, Michelle and Barack spent eight of those years in the White House. During her husband’s tenure as the president, we caught a glimpse into their relationship, and most people think of them as couple goals. From the sweet birthday messages to his surprise appearance at her book tour, Michelle and Barack are easily one of the most admired black couples.

Speaking to Stephen Colbert about their marriage proposal, Michelle said Barack asked her to marry him right in the middle of an argument. According to her story, they were having a celebratory dinner for his bar exams, when a discussion about marriage came up.

Right when she was making a case for her argument, a waiter placed a dessert platter in front of her with a ring on top of it. Barack simply told a surprised Michelle, “now that ought to shut you up”.

If you like a proposal story like us, watch the full interview right here:

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