The Middle part hairstyle is probably the most famous type of hairstyle that suits all types of face. The beauty of the Middle part hairstyle is the fact that it creates a stylish and attractive look. The Middle part hairstyle is very popular so this makes it no surprise that its a go to hairstyle because it attracts so much attention and they are easy to create. For black women, there are several extension/weave options that we can choose from and there are several ways the Middle part hairstyle can be styled depending on the shape/structure of your face, Here are some of the best styles.


The straight weave for the middle part is best for a long face like rihanna

Straight weave


The middle part shoulder length rough bob hairstyle looks good an oval face.


Using a weave of a different color brings light to your face, it also enhances your facial features.


Long Curls

An ombre look does a lot of justice, this ruff curls looks good on any facial structure.



This wavy middle part hairstyle also looks amazing on any face shape.



whether you have a long, oblong, round or diamond shaped face, curls are the ultimate, they give the vavavoom look.



This hairstyle options should help you pick out the look that would best suit your facial structure.

What do you think about each middle part hairstyle? Love or Hate? Leave all . in the comment box below.



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