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Mike Pence Suggests if Trump gets Nomination, He Might support Someone Else》 Ent Update

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Mike Pence got hit with a simple question — if Trump‘s the nominee, would his former Veep vote for him? — there are 2 ways to interpret his answer, and one is shocking!

Pence gave a speech at Georgetown University Wednesday about what’s in store for conservatism in America.

Someone in the crowd asked how he’d cast his vote in 2024 if Trump gets the nod from Republicans. There was immediate laughter and Pence paused for a few seconds.

He said, “There might be somebody else I’d prefer more.”

Now, you could view his answer as a hope and a prayer Trump doesn’t get the nom … especially since Pence seems like he’ll be running for Prez.

But, the question isn’t who should get the Republican nomination … it’s would you vote for Trump in the general election if HE gets the nom. So, to be literal, Pence is saying he might vote for the Democratic nominee over Trump.

Pence hedged on whether he’d run, but it’s sounding like he’s gonna throw his hat in the ring.

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