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Mistakes that make women look desperate in relationships – Lifestyle News



Feeling desperate in a relationship is one thing and showing it is another.

Even if you feel so desperate, showing it to your guy makes you seem so needy and you would rather not show it at all.

There are things you might be doing innocently but they send the message of a desperate woman and that is what your man will view you as.

Are you doing these things and seeming all desperate to your boyfriend?

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1. Being a text pest

A text or two to check on how he is doing is fine. But texting him after every hour makes you look so desperate. You are in love yes, but give him some space so that you don’t also seem like you have nothing important to do.

2. Long messages


Long messages show you are desperate (bcnn1wp)


If he only sends a one sentence text message, no need to respond in two paragraphs. Using lots of words to express your love for him does not send a good impression. Be brief as he is and only send long messages when necessary.

3. Showering him with gifts


Showering him with gifts won’t keep him (stuartluce)


You can gift him on his birthday or send him a congratulatory card if he has won an award. However, showering him with gifts for no good reason makes you seem like you are trying to buy his love. Even if you can afford the gifts, preserve them for those important dates but not every now and then.

4. Pushing him to meet your family

So you have only dated for three months and you want him to meet your family already. Well, you might think it makes you seem interested and serious in a relationship but that’s not it. He will think you are pushing him to some commitment because you are afraid of losing him.

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5. Sharing your feelings on social media

Your love for him is not meant to be broadcast to the entire world. It may seem romantic if both of you are posting your love progress on social media. But if you are the only one doing it, just shows how desperate you are.

6. Being too available for him


Have a life away from him (Michal Venera)


If you are always available for drinks every time he asks you out, you need to give it a second thought. You should at least have a life away from him so that your life does not seem to be revolving around him.

7. Pretending to like everything he does

Just because he is a football fanatic doesn’t mean you should start liking it. And if you don’t feel like going to watch the match with him because it’s boring, you shouldn’t feel compelled to do so. In fact, doing the things he likes at the expense of what you like makes you seem like you have no life.




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