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Monday Inspired Corporate Outfits


Monday is known to be the “most serious” day of the week because of obvious reasons like work, meetings or appointments, making remarkable sales etc.

Looking your best to work on the beginning of a new week can get you worked up that’s why it’s easy to put a blazer on it! Monday looks are never complete without proper makeup, accessory and a little pampering of the hair! *winks*

Here are some Monday Inspired looks for you!

Dazzling Diva (Credit via Instagram @doro_boss_lady)

Look 1: Add something new to your work look and stand out!

Ella Mo (Credit via Instagram @officialellamo)

Look 2: Sometimes break rules by stylish statement pieces for that fab but serious Monday look!

jennifer Obayuwana
Jennifer Obayuwana (Credit via Instagram @feeljeni)

Look 3: Colours may determine your look! We love the colour-blocking on Jennifer!

Jennifer Oseh (Credit via Instagram @theladyvodka)

Look 4: Style is inevitable for a proper Monday look! The blazer and statement belt is everything on her!!

Aderonke Enoabasi (credit via Instagram @therealrhonkefella)

Look 5: Blazers always slay on your Mondays!



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