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Money increased my passion for fashion design – Veekee James – Lifestyle Nigeria

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Victoria James, popularly known as Veekee James, is an award-winning Nigerian fashion designer known for her design and style of work.

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In an interview, she lets us into her world by explaining the motivation behind her fashion brand, how her religion has helped her designs, how she deals with people’s comments online, other designers copying her designs and her intimate life.

The inspiring designer revealed she grew up at Ajegunle in  Lagos and learnt sewing from her mum, who was a tailor. Victoria admitted that she never thought sewing was going to be how she earned a living as she didn’t have as much passion as she did for other skills she had.

She prides herself on knowing and being skilled at many things, including makeup and hair styling, which was what she did in school. The Akwa Ibom-born entrepreneur confessed she thought makeup and hair would be her major business but changed her mind after graduation.

Veekee confessed that one of the reasons she didn’t think of fashion in that light was because her mum wasn’t earning so much from the venture. In her words, she thought fashion designing to be a ‘poor man’s job’.


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