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Monkeypox spreads to two more countries after cases double in UK


Two more countries have confirmed cases of monkeypox as the global outbreak continues.


Previous cases outside Africa have been confirmed in the UK, US, Canada, Spain, Italy and more in recent weeks.


While the UK Health Security agency announced that cases in the UK have increased to 20, Germany and Belgium have both confirmed they have detected cases of the smallpox-like disease.


Germany’s armed forces’ medical service confirmed it had found a single case of the ‘virus beyond doubt for the first time in Germany on May 19 in a patient with characteristic skin lesions’.


Belgian health authorities said they had confirmed two cases of the viral disease.


According to a Flemish broadcaster, both were found in different cities in men who had attended the same party.


Spanish health authorities confirmed 14 more cases earlier today, bringing the total number to 21, primarily around Madrid.


There are another 20 suspected cases, 19 in the central region of Madrid and one in the Canary Islands.


Italy has also confirmed another two infections, taking the total in the country to three.


Health workers in the UK who have been exposed to the virus are being offered a smallpox vaccine.


Monkeypox produces a similar to disease to smallpox but has a lower death rate, with most people making a full recovery.


Initial symptoms include fever, headache, aching muscles, backache, swollen lymph nodes, chills and exhaustion.


A rash can also develop, usually starting on the face before spreading to other parts of the body. It eventually forms a scab which falls off.


Monkeypox does not spread easily and is not airborne like COVID-19, instead it is contracted by coming in close contact with an infected person or animal.

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