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Most Common STD Symptoms You Need to Pay Attention to

STDs, or sexually transmitted diseases, can cause a number of different visible issues depending on which one you contract. Some have no signs at all, which makes them hard to detect without the help of a doctor.

That being said, there are still quite a few symptoms that are common with most STDs. Pay attention to the ones listed below, and if you’ve experienced any of them, you should see your doctor right away!

How Long Does It Take for Symptoms to Develop?

First thing’s first, you need to understand that some STDs take longer than others to become visible. You may not see any signs until weeks, months or even years since becoming infected while other diseases will present within a day or two.

Keep in mind that symptoms really aren’t a reliable way to determine whether or not you have an STD. Only regular screenings by medical professional can sufficiently determine whether or not you are infected by some nasty stuff.

My advice: If you are switching sex partners, it is often as good idea to have a screening done to ensure that both of you are disease-free.




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