News anchors have one of the most interesting job. They are not celebrities but they have to look as good as the celebrities they report on. They have to take care of themselves since they are as much in the lime light as the new they anchor.They are special people and they deserve special attention and as such we are turning the light on famous and good-looking news anchors from all over the world. These ones are specially selected from various international news channels around the globe.

From CNN: Errol Barnett, Kristie Lu Stout, Robin Meade; From BBC News: Yalda Hakim, Mishal Husain, Laura Trevelyan…etc. From sports news: Ilaria D’ Amico, Kristy Gallacher, Erin Andrews. Do these names ring a bell? Currently, there are more than a thousand International news anchors  world-wide. Contrary to the plain-Jane-nerdy blands you might label them to be, they are brainy, good looking and dreamy; and it’s not just the women, the men are equally as hot. Take a look at them on scene!

From CNN:

#1 Robin Meade

Born: April 21, 1969 (46)                  Nationality: American               TV Shows: Morning Express with Robin Meade

#2 Errol Barnett

Born: April 3, 1983 (32)               Nationality: British, American                 TV Shows: CNN Newsroom, CNN World News

CNN Errol Barnette

#3 Kristie Lu Stout

Born: December 7, 1974 (40yrs)                Nationality: Chinese American               TV Shows: News Stream, The Monthly News Discussion programme on china.


#4 T.J Holmes

Born: August 8, 1977 (38)        Nationality: American       TV Shows: Good Morning America, CNN Newsroom


From BBC

#5 Mishal Husain

Born: February 11, 1973 (39)              Nationality: British            TV Shows: Today, BBC World News and BBC Weekend News

Mishal Husain

#6 Yalda Hakim

Born: 1983, (32 yrs) Afghanistan          Nationality: Australian        TV Shows: BBC World News and other Programmes


From ABC News

#7 Rob Marciano

Born: June 25, 1968 (47)       Nationality: American, Italian, German        TV Shows: Good Morning America



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