Mourinho stars in new Stormzy music Update –

Jose Mourinho has made an appearance in rapper Stormzy’s latest music Update.

In the UK rapper’s latest single ‘Mel Made Me Do It’, the current Roma boss plays a brief cameo and even performs some lyrics, though not literally.

The 59-year-old is seen halfway through the ten-minute Update standing with Stormzy and some others in a mansion, arms folded before raising his finger to his lips.

‘You love to talk about the old days, them man are old like Annie, are you okay? I prefer not to speak like I’m Jose,’ are Stormzy’s lyrics, before Mourinho’s iconic quote ‘I prefer not to speak. If I speak, I will be in big trouble’ plays.’

Mourinho posted about the Update on his Instagram page, sharing a photo of himself next to Stormzy captioned: ‘Was great fun doing this cameo for Stormzy’s new music Update out today. I had a great time.’

Athletics stars Usain Bolt and Dina Asher-Smith also feature at various parts of the Update in a star-studded film out after the London-born rapper took a hiatus.

Mourinho’s cameo comes on the back of the Portuguese boss claiming he has many years left coaching.

Recent years have been less fruitful for the ‘special one’ in comparison to the rest of his career, with only a Conference League title to show for his last five seasons in the management after winning a host of titles all over Europe.

While he admits retirement isn’t too far away, Mourinho has revealed there are still a few years to go before retirement will be pondered.

‘These 22 years have passed quickly, but I want to continue,’ Mourinho said at the 2022 Quinas de Ouro event.

‘I feel good, I feel strong, motivated, I like winning, I hate losing, nothing has changed.

‘The colour of my hair, yes, even the wrinkles, but I want to go on.

‘Not for another 22 years, as there is no time, but for a few more years.’

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