Mouthwash Might Be Able To Kill COVID-19 In Saliva, New Study Suggests

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We’re approaching the end of 2020, a year marked by the coronavirus pandemic. Over the months, the mysterious virus has claimed over 1.33M lives across the world, and only in the past few weeks have we heard promising signs of a vaccine. It’ll be a few months until it’ll be available to the public but according to new research from Cardiff University, there might be a new way of reducing transmission through over-the-counter products.

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A new study is showing promising signs mouthwash that contains 0.07 percent cetylpyridinium chloride could eradicate coronavirus in human saliva. Though the preliminary study has yet to be peer-reviewed, Cardiff University’s research shares similar results to another study from early November of the promising signs of mouthwash.

Denyl and Listerine are among the brands the study said were effective at killing coronavirus in human saliva. The third product they used contained 23% ethanol with ethyl lauroyl arginate wich they said was ineffective.

The “inclusion of essential oils [such as in Listerine Cool Mint] or [the compound] LAE [found in Listerine Advanced] appears to be required for optimal efficacy,” the report said.

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The research is too early to confirm whether mouthwash is actually an effective tool in combatting the coronavirus. Experts warn that people shouldn’t look at it as a cure or treatment to the disease, though they are encouraged by the discovery.



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