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MUST READ!! 5 Serious Reasons Why Fans Don’t Like Watching The Nigerian Premier League (Which One Is True??

We have fans that spend hours watching the English Premier League, Italian Serie A, Spanish La Liga, but why do Nigerians rarely watch our Nigerian Professional Football League?

This is a question that varies with different people and mindset.

Naijaloaded Sport has complied the best answers though, We List The BIG 5 Reasons Why Nigerians Hate Watching The Nigerian Professional League:

Nigerian Stadiums Not Safe

We have seen many incidents of fans getting robbed at football venues and referees attacked.

In fact if you are fan of the away side, and your team manages to win, you are advised to leave the stadium on time before the home supporters catch you!

Lack Of Quality In The NPFL

We don’t have enough quality .ers in the league. We do have individual brilliance here and there but that doesn’t cut the mustard.

We need a complete overhaul: important foreign based .ers and managers who can help improve the quality and brand of the league.

The top 5 leagues in the world do just that!

Weird Pattern Of Results In NPFL

Yes in the Nigerian League, The Home Teams have a win percentage of 95%. How can that possibly be?

It shows there are either cases of match fixing or witchcraft.

Poor Stadium Facilities & Pitch

The Nigerian League does not have good stadium facilities or pitches that are tantalizing to television audience.

Most of the stadiums built years ago were poorly maintained and the result is a disaster.

Poor Welfare For Footballers In NPFL

How do you expect .ers to put in a shift on match days when some clubs owe .ers salary for as long as six months?!?

This is one of the top reasons why the league is in a dire state. The management don’t care about the .ers and expect them to be Lionel Messi & Ronaldo on the pitch? Not possible!

So Guys,

Which Of These Reasons Is True?

Why Do Nigerians Hate The Nigerian Premier League?

Lets Hear Your View Below 👇👇

Your Opinions Are Highly Welcomed 🙏🙏







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